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Catheter Tipping Dies & Forming Tools

Dies and forming tools

We specialize in the design and production of tip forming dies to suit your production requirements. Die production starts with the selection of high quality alloys. State-of-the-art CNC equipment is used in the production of our precision tipping dies. Multi-site production in fully staffed machine shops maximizes production capacity to provide the shortest lead times possible. Depending on the application, some alloys can be heat treated for greater resistance to abrasive plastics or mandrel insertion. Non-stick coatings are also available for some die configurations.
Our tipping dies are designed and manufactured with our customers in mind. Easy mandrel removal and replacement are key features that enable maximized production in your facility.

  • Nickel dies are used for severe undercuts and other features that cannot be produced in conventional steel dies.
  • Standard dies are made from high quality machined stainless steel for long life and minimal maintenance.
  • Hardened dies are made from a machined wear-resistant and heat treated alloy to withstand the most abusive production environments.
  • Carbide dies are produced for the most severe applications.