Posted January 22nd, 2010 in News

Vante shipped today the first eco-friendly cases for transporting battery sealers as the latest effort in the company’s corporate initiative of reducing its environmental impact.

The cases enable SEBRA to minimize standard packaging such as styrofoam cradles, bubblewrap and standard cardboard boxes when shipping new battery operated sealers out to customers. The new cases are designed for the customer to use as transport cases for mobile blood drives and to increase portability throughout the blood center. The cases complement SEBRA’s new line of environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant sealers including the new PocoTM Sealer, a small, battery operated hand held sealer which utilizes a NiMH battery and is produced on a completely RoHS compliant production line. The Poco Sealer will be released later this summer.

“We’ve developed a way to minimize waste and maximize recycling without giving up any protective qualities,” said Renae Moomjian, the General Manager of SEBRA’s Biological Collection and Processing division. “In the past we sold foam carry cases separately and shipped products out in packaging that ended up in the landfill. Now our customer receives the benefit of packaging that serves as a carry case for long-term transport.”

According to Lenny Williams, the Project Manager for the new product, “We took the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ campaign to heart. We reduced the size and amount of packaging required to ship our sealers; we provided a reusable container for long-term transport; and we utilize recycled materials for the outer wrapper for shipment that are also recycle-able.”

The eco-friendly packaging has been under research, development and testing over the past year as part of SEBRA’s corporate initiative of “going green.” Additional environmental objectives have included the new line of NiMH and RoHS compliant battery sealers released this year and reduced printing efforts.

“Reducing the environmental impact of our products while providing our customers with quality technology and service is a goal we take very seriously.” said President and Chief Executive Officer Roger Vogel. “Shipping our products in reuseable carry cases is just another step toward lessening our impact on the planet.”