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Vante and PlasticWeld Systems enable our customers to make the world’s most precise medical devices. For over 30 years we have pushed the limits of catheter tipping, bonding and hole forming process capabilities.  The use of robust equipment which features unmatched process controls means higher yields, faster cycle times and the elimination of secondary processes.  We provide return on investment for our customer’s complex manufacturing challenges. Our experienced team can provide turnkey solutions to improve your manufacturing processes or create prototype samples for innovative R&D projects.

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Service and Support

Vante and PlasticWeld Aftermarket provides spare parts, upgrades, service and support to keep equipment running its best.
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Upgrades and Pre-Owned Inventory

Equipment upgrades are a flexible solution to update technology at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. We also resell pre-owned equipment to meet your project timelines and budget.
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Materials required: Small Lathe Diamond Polishing Compound Die Polishing Sticks 1. To make a Die Polishing Stick  The stick will require a handle (approximately 2 inches long) to hold during polishing and a shaped end to use to polish. The total length of the polishing stick will be determined by adding the handle length (2 […]

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