About Vante/Plasticweld

Vante and PlasticWeld brands are recognized as global leaders, providing innovative production equipment for catheter and medical disposables manufacturers. Our thermal forming equipment utilize radio frequency energy for use in catheter manufacturing systems, industrial tube sealers, plastic sealing and welding applications. Our platforms are recognized as industry leading technology for catheter tip forming, eye-forming, soft-tip bonding, butt welding, balloon bonding and hole drilling.

As a division of Machine Solutions we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of solutions for medical device manufacturing. We believe in providing a superior customer experience by focusing on delivering quality and value, and by dedicating resources to technical service and process support. We continue to invest in developing next generation offerings to address current and future needs within the industry. As a result, customers can turn to us as a single source for equipment that meets development and production needs.

Our customers turn to us when they need:

  • Sample parts to prove new product design concepts and requirements
  • Engineering expertise to ensure product designs are manufacturable
  • Reliable equipment which consistently produces high precision components
  • Improved processes to decrease cycle times, improve yields and eliminate secondary operations
  • Turn-key solutions to complex manufacturing processes

Why to work with Vante and Plasticweld

  • Free assessment of your application by our engineering team with 5,000+ mold design experience
  • Our engagement model enables you to quickly produce your products to desired specifications
  • Mold certification process ensures your part dimensions being produced repeatably
  • Rapid prototype value stream that can make custom tooling for engineering samples in less than 2 weeks
  • Equipment is designed to integrate into automation platforms
  • 4 Manufacturing Facilities with in-house EDM, 5 Axis CNC and multiple certified mold producers
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Vante PlasticWeld Equipment Advantage

  • Closed Loop Temperature Control – better process control and yields
  • Small Heat Zones – ideal for producing small, flash free parts
  • Embedded Heat Coil – eliminate set-up time when switching molds
  • Low Mass Molds- reduced cycle times
  • 300+ Molds Annually – Engineering guidance to ensure parts can be made reliably with high yields
  • Multiple platforms to meet your budget
  • Smaller footprint; no water coolers