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Regional Sales

United States West/Minnesota
James Jarrett
Tel: 520-247-4373
Email: james.jarrett@machinesolutions.com


United States East
Joe Bolinger
Tel: 520-301-4489
Email: Joe.bolinger@machinesolutions.com


Vante Biopharmaceutical Products
Dave Armstrong
Tel: 979-417-1254
Email: dave.armstrong@vante.com


Latin America
Andrew Taborda
Tel: 203-273-9251
Email: andrew.taborda@machinesolutions.com


Japan & South Koreas
Masahiro Kondo
Tel: +81-3-5418-6100
Email: masahiro.kondo@machinesolutions.com


Vikas Chandra
Tel: +91-09958635633
Email: vikas.chandra@machinesolutions.com


Europe, Middle East & Africa
Dmitrij Velikan
Tel: +49 173 777 33 17
Email: dmitrij.velikan@machinesolutions.com


Linx Advanced Solutions Ltd.
Tel: +353 91 75 97 46
Email: dantreacy@linx.ie


Kunfeng Zhang (Kevin)
Tel: +86-156 0190 1102
Email: china@bwtec.com


Field Technical Service

Europe, Middle East & Africa
Brian Glennon
Tel: +353 87 926 5185
Email: Brian.glennon@machinesolutions.com


North America
Jonathan Bodle
Tel: 520-977-9199
Email: jonathan.bodle@vante.com


Worldwide Representatives

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