MiniCure3D™ UV Adhesive Bonding


UV Curing Adhesives Made Easy

Revolutionary Solution for UV Curing Vela Technologies MiniCure3D™

A revolutionary solution for UV curing of adhesives, that bond balloons, hubs, and other components to catheters. The patented technology allows for fast, uniform cure, resulting in uniform and complete bonding in mere seconds.  Additionally, the MiniCure3D™ enables the bonding of multiple parts or joints simultaneously without needing to reposition the parts, streamlining the bonding process. 

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Uniformly Controlled Light Exposure  

Vela Technologies, Inc. patented curing chamber features di­ffuse reflecting surfaces to surround your parts in a 3-dimensional “bath” of UV light. The result is uniform, rapid exposure of the entirety of your part to the UV light.  All surfaces are exposed simultaneously to the same controlled amount of UV energy, and that delivery of energy is monitored in real time. The outcome is unparalleled control over your curing process.

Lowers Costs Increases Yield

The MiniCure3D gives seamless production and adaptability for various product configurations.  The incorporated UV LED source eliminates the need for external lamps that degrade over time, requiring frequent intensity checks and service.  The patented MiniCure3D technology allows enhanced process controls such as UV dose control, guaranteeing that each part receives the same dosage every time.  This results in significantly lower production costs and downtime, greatly improving your production throughput. 

Realized Benefits  

  • Quickly and Uniformly Cures Intricate Features
  • No Product Alignment or Rotation Required
  • Process Multiple Bond Joints Simultaneously
  • Process Control With UV Dose Control
  • Stable, non-mercury Based LED Lights Eliminate Requirements For Safety Glasses


  • Catheter Balloons
  • Low Heat Bonding & Curing
  • Catheter Bonding and Sealing,
  • IV Sets, Tubing
  • Marker Bands
  • Y Connectors
  • Needle/Syringe/Cannula Bonding

Available Options

  • MiniCure3D-4B – 4” wide chamber, no touch screen, requires external lamp
  • MiniCure3D-4E – 4” wide chamber, with touch screen, requires external lamp
  • MiniCure3D-4L – 4” wide chamber, with touch screen, 6 integrated LEDs
  • MiniCure3D-9E – 9” wide chamber, with touch screen, 8 integrated LEDs
  • MiniCure3D-9L – 9” wide chamber, with touch screen, 8 integrated LEDs



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