Catheter Tipping Dies Certified to Meet Your Specification

Medical device engineers need equipment that produce high quality products at high yields and are easy to validate. Our tooling certification service is the turnkey solution to meet this need!

We don’t just deliver metal hardware; our process delivers parts that meet your specification and support your validation activities. Our team of engineers certify over 300 tools annually and can apply their expertise to optimize your product. Here’s how.

Certification Process

  1. Design for Manufacture
    Our product design experts will review your project and advise recommended process strategies, design tolerances and geometries, material selection and other critical inputs to ensure a robust manufacturing process and risk mitigation.
  2. Confirmation of Critical Specifications
    Upon receipt of your order, our project engineers will provide a detailed project schedule and a formed part drawing which includes all critical dimensions of your part’s design. Customer’s will confirm all aspects of The part prior to design of custom tooling.
  3. Process Development
    Engineers identify process settings which will create 20 consecutive parts which meet customers desired specifications.
  4. Inspection
    A quality team will inspect and measure each sample part. This data and the samples will be included in the certification report which can be used for validation.


  • Recommended settings and process notes
  • 20 measured parts
  • Inspection data
  • Formed part drawing reflecting critical specification
  • Custom Tooling

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Catheter Tipping Dies Certified to Meet Your Specification Catheter Tipping Dies Certified to Meet Your Specification Catheter Tipping Dies Certified to Meet Your Specification

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