San Diego office of Crescent Design Closing Doors

January 18, 2021 To Our Valued Customers: As you may be aware, Vante Inc., a Machine Solutions Company, has completed its merger with Crescent Design, Inc.  It is our intent that this merger will broaden the equipment and services provided to our customers.  We have begun to utilize the synergies of the merger, both from an administrative [...]

What is Catheter Tipping?

Catheter tipping, also known as end forming, is the process of shaping the end of a thermoplastic tube using a thermally conductive mold. For medical device manufacturers, there are several common methods for application of energy to the conducive mold including: Hot air processing Induction heating Heat shrink applications (including hot air or laser technologies) [...]

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Rapid Prototyping Program

Catheter Tipping Rapid prototyping Program

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Engineers need to quickly produce sample components to prove design concepts and secure high-volume projects. Our rapid prototyping services get proof of concept samples into your hands so you can quickly move projects forward. Our team of experienced engineers will design and manufacture tooling specifically for your application to produce samples that are representative of […]

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Vante’s Tooling Certification Service

Vante's Certified Tooling Process

Vante’s tooling certification service is the turnkey solution that ensures the tooling we deliver makes parts that meet your specifications and support your validation activities. Our team of experts certify hundreds of tipping tools annually which produce high quality products at high yields. Learn how our engineers can optimize your product, with recommended process strategies […]

Vante Onyx Release

Vante Onyx 4-up Machine

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The Vante Onyx catheter manufacturing system is designed to maximize production output while minimizing operating expense in high volume production environments. This system incorporates production capabilities of up to four (4) independently controlled Vante tipping stations into a compact table top platform which can be supported by a single operator. With easy set up this […]

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