Catheter Tipping Dies and Forming Tools
Catheter Tipping Dies and Forming Tools

Catheter Tip Forming

Catheters are instruments used to assist in administering pharmaceuticals, fluids, diagnostic devices, or surgical instruments for treating various medical conditions.  Manufacturing catheters requires unique processes to ensure that the device causes minimal tissue damage during insertion, use and removal of the device.  The distal end also known as the catheter tip, being the initial point of contact, plays a crucial role in reducing the tissue trauma.

To create a specific catheter tip geometry and surface finish in line with the customer’s design specification, tip forming involves molding or tipping the distal end of the catheter tube.  Achieving superior tip geometries is dependent on the perfect interplay of specialized equipment, a catheter tipping die (mold) and a process mandrel.

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What is a catheter tip forming die?  

The catheter tip forming die is the interchangeable tooling used to soften the catheter polymer to yield the desired shape.  Tipping dies are fabricated from a variety of materials depending the heat source  technology.

Why customers rely on our 30+ experience for a manufacturing advantage.

With concentricity, superior surface finish and strict tolerances as our primary focus, Vante and PlasticWeld Systems certified tip forming dies are made from high-quality stainless steel.  Installed at our facilities are precision CNC lathes, high speed milling and precision sinker EDMs used by our machinists to produce tipping dies of the utmost quality.  Once machined, dies are hand polished by experts to provide ultra-smooth surfaces, resulting in the mirrored finish needed to create a flawless polymer surface.

The combination of our controlled manufacturing processes, coupled with our die design expertise and state-of-the art tip forming equipment leads you to exceptional and repeatable process outcomes.

  • Comprehensive Post-Delivery Support
  • Heat Treating
  • Certified Dies
  • Talent
  • Why are our dies the superior choice?

Comprehensive Post-Delivery Support

Our aftermarket specialists offer extensive post-delivery support to cater to your requirements.  This includes on-site or remote training for die maintenance, as well as the provision of supplies and equipment.  Additionally, our engineering team is readily available to provide technical assistance for your processing and development endeavors.

Learn about our Mandrel Manufacturing Services. and Rapid Prototype Program.

Heat Treating

Depending on the application, some alloys are heat treated in-house for greater resistance to abrasive plastics or mandrel insertion.

Certified Dies

Our Tooling certification service provides medical device engineers with the assurance that their process will yield high-quality products, high yields and easy validation.  Our manufacturing process ensures that our certified tip forming dies consistently meet expectations.

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Crafting tip forming dies is an art form that involves advance engineering and skilled professionals.  The process starts with our 30+ years of experience, where a team of highly trained and qualified engineers assesses the product needs and meticulously creates tooling that guarantees the tip forming die meets stringent standards such as concentricity, smoothness. requirements.


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Why are our dies the superior choice?

  • Unmatched design and engineering experience
  • Internal manufacturing for stainless steel and carbide dies
  • Highest quality alloys for maximized life and performance
  • Dies are tested and results are certified BEFORE shipment
  • Post-delivery technical support

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