This was by far one of our smoothest projects yet with Vante – thanks again guys. We are very pleased with the outcome and quality of the parts.

We started doing business with PlasticWeld last year and have purchased a total of three tipping machines to increase our capacity to more than 2,000 components/day.  PlasticWeld was very helpful in quickly developing and fabricating their equipment, as well as providing responsive technical support and training when needed.

We produce 600,000 parts daily utilizing about 40 Vante machines. The reliability and precision of the equipment helps us produce the quality products our customers expect. When we expand, we plan to work with Vante again, the quality is unbeatable.

Our experience of working with PWS has been rewarding.  In the past two years, we have purchased one machine and several tools from PWS and we are very happy with their quality and the documentation provided with the machine.  The technical support at PWS is excellent.  We always get a timely response and they work with us until we are fully satisfied and know how to use the equipment.

We are a device technology company, which has have close business ties with PlasticWeld Systems for the last 7 years. For the specialty catheter development and production program, we purchased our first tipping forming system in 2003,  and based on its proven performance, we purchased additional tip forming system over the years. We have been able to add to our production outputs every year, thanks to the reliability of our PlasticWeld Systems equipment.