EVA and Polyurethane Drug Delivery Devices

drug delivery ring bonding Vante and PlasticWeld technologies are being utilized in the growing field of subcutaneous drug delivery devices. Our thermal process equipment can be utilized in the bonding of EVA contraceptive rings, creation of polyurethane drug delivery capsules and other shaping of thermal plastic material for drug delivery.

The robust and repeatable process controls of our thermoshaping systems ensure production of the highest quality parts which are essential for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. We offer a bench top system for R&D facilities as well as turn key automated solutions for manufacturers making millions of parts annually.

Drug delivery devices are being used in a wide variety of applications. Intravaginal rings (IVR) are a widely distributed device used as a contraceptives. Similar technologies are being developed to work as Antiretroviral (ARV) devices for prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Microencapsulation drug delivery systems are being developed for applications such as ocular implants, opioid addiction, cancer treatment, and pain management.

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Find out more about the growing field of subcutaneous drug delivery devices in the following article from drug development and delivery magazinewww.drug-dev.com

You can also follow the Kiser lab at Northwestern University who is leading innovation in this ground-breaking technology.www.kiserlab.org