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Materials required:

  • Small Lathe
  • Diamond Polishing Compound
  • Die Polishing Sticks

1. To make a Die Polishing Stick 

The stick will require a handle (approximately 2 inches long) to hold during polishing and a shaped end to use to polish. The total length of the polishing stick will be determined by adding the handle length (2 inches) to the depth of the cavity in the die (1 inch) to be polished plus approximately 1/8 inch. (See Figure #1)

2. Load the hardwood stick into the lathe and turn down to the desired shape.

Note: Different End Shapes are required for different applications.  (See Figure #2). Polishing stick shapes can be made using a lathe, belt sander or grinding wheel.  NOTE: Lathe, Belt Sander and Grinding Wheel should be clean and free of any METAL particles.


3. Use only hardwood polishing sticks and diamond polish compound

Extra Fine diamond polish is the preferred compound to use as it will not damage or change the size of the die very quickly.

4. Load the mandrel or die into the collet of a lathe

(See Figure #3)

5. After the die or mandrel has been loaded and secured in the lathe collet

on the lathe, apply a small amount of polishing compound on the end of the stick and begin polishing the die.  Using gentle pressure, move the stick slowly around the inside of the die.  Do not leave the stick in one position as this may change the shape of the die.  Note: the stick should be in constant motion while polishing.  (See Figure #3)

Figure #4 shows the polishing stick inside the die. The arrows indicate the rotating motion of the die in the lathe and the stick motion.

6. A flat pointed stick may be needed to clean out the edges of the inside of the die

Diamond Polishing Compound

D-M-E Standard

Part Number Description
DC-3H Extra Fine
DC-30M Medium
4776A48 100,000 Grit Luster-Lap Diamond lapping compound, light concentrations

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