Catheter Tipping Machines & Applications
Catheter Tipping Machines & Applications

Our Catheter Tipping Equipment Expertise

Today’s catheter delivery systems rely on increasingly complex shapes, constructions and polymers to deliver their intended treatment.  Many of the catheter tipping and end forming application complexities can only be consistently achieved through advanced technology and proper application of sound engineering principles.

Vante and PlasticWeld Systems equipment is the global standards for tipping and end forming equipment.  Superior heating technology, proprietary thermal profiling and a defined customer engagement process lead by our experienced engineers – assure you get the best results possible.


Advantages of partnering with Vante and PlasticWeld Systems for catheter tipping and end forming include:

  • Wide range of technology options and experience to match the customer requirements with the optimal solution and price point.
  • Turnkey solutions which will allow you to make parts and validate your process fast!
  • Robust equipment that is proven in high volume environments, reduces cycle times and eliminates secondary operations like cutting flash.
  • Dedicated applications engineering and process development team to advise on product design and deliver turnkey process solutions.
  • Global service team that can respond quickly in your time of need
  • One stop shop for machines, tooling, development and prototypes
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