Our aftermarket specialists offer extensive post-delivery support to cater to your requirements.  This includes on-site or remote training for die maintenance, as well as the provision of supplies and equipment.  Additionally, our engineering team is readily available to provide technical assistance for your processing and development endeavors.

Learn about our Mandrel Manufacturing Services. and Rapid Prototype Program.

Non-stick coatings are available to facilitate excellent release properties.

Multi-Site production and the latest metal machining technology, enables us to optimize capacity as we pair the right machine with the right talent to manufacture a diverse range of catheter tipping die designs.

Depending on the application, some alloys are heat treated in-house for greater resistance to abrasive plastics or mandrel insertion.

Our Tooling certification service provides medical device engineers with the assurance that their process will yield high-quality products, high yields and easy validation.  Our manufacturing process ensures that our certified tip forming dies consistently meet expectations.

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Crafting tip forming dies is an art form that involves advance engineering and skilled professionals.  The process starts with our 30+ years of experience, where a team of highly trained and qualified engineers assesses the product needs and meticulously creates tooling that guarantees the tip forming die meets stringent standards such as concentricity, smoothness. requirements.


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